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First round of admissions has passed and now Tallinn University is announcing the second round. One of the main priorities of Tallinn University is teacher education and thus, most of the teacher training programs are ready to accept more students. There is going to be also an additional opportunity to join the Master’s program “Teacher of Computer Sciences, ICT Manager” I am leading. It is a 2 year program (in Estonian) and designed in a way that courses are provided at every second weekend and during school holidays. The program aims at offering a comprehensive academic education in the field of educational sciences and teacher education in computer science speciality, and developing competencies necessary for working on the positions of a teacher of computer science and a school’s ICT manager.

In case one is interested in educational technology, I must admit that “Teacher of Computer Sciences, ICT Manager” and our Educational Technology master’s program (also in Estonian) are very similar. The added value of my program is that it offers an additional teacher training module, which can be very beneficial one day if one wants to carry out some teaching and coaching beyond primary and secondary level education. However, “Educational Technology” program is also ready to accept a few more students.

Application deadline is August 15th and 16th; and a brief chat with my colleagues is going to be on August 19th. Welcome to Institute of Informatics!

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