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PSST (Personal & Shared Strategies for Teachers in Web 2.0) intensive program is looking for participants.

Where: Linz, Austria

When: 07.07.2013 – 21.07.2013

Why: to share your ideas and experiences regarding Web2.0 and social media use in education, learning and teaching; to learn with experts and other participants about how to implement and exploit various technological solutions and strategies for learning and teaching purposes; to find new friends; to get to know new cultures, people and countries; to have fun; to go sightseeing

For whom: For students ((bachelor and master level) in the field of teacher training (any subject matter), educational technology or anybody else, who is interested in Web2.0 in education and training. Only first 6 students will be accepted from Estonia. Even if you are going to graduate this spring you are welcome to participate!

Participants: In addition to Estonians, there will be students from Slovenia, Austria, Latvia, Romania, Croatia (total 36) and a panel of international experts.

Costs: Travel costs; accommodation (double room shared with another student), some meals will be covered.

Working language: English

Website: http://psst.cc/ (currently the website is work in progress and is not yet updated, but you can see last year’s event)

Accommodation: Julius Raab Heim student housing

Contact and registration: Dr. Terje Väljataga (institute of Informatics, Centre for Educational Technology), terjev[at]tlu.ee

If you got interested and need more information about the intensive program, do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

See you in Linz!

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Recently I have spent quite some time on various project proposals. One of our proposals finally got a positive feedback. This project is called LEARNMIX. It is about re-conceptualization of the e-textbook as aggregations of both professionally developed and user-contributed content accessible through a wide range of devices. To make it short, our aim is to develop an empirically sound e-textbook concept in the context of schools by bringing together ubiquitous user interface design and pedagogical models. Our approach starts with criticising current interpretations of e-textbook as a simple replication of printed textbooks. We aim at bringing teachers and students into the process of creating learning materials in addition to publishers. We should acknowledge that students themselves represent a resource that has been largely wasted and that can be brought into play through pervasive technology and ubiquitous computing (Scardamalia & Bereiter, 1991). They can construct and build knowledge by incorporating artifacts professionally developed (books, textbooks, handbooks, etc.) and presented by the authoritative others (teachers, facilitators, other people often unknown, etc), with their own artifacts, to build new knowledge. Technological developments allow everybody to remediate and remix content pieces to create new representations, relationships and expressions. Our first kick-off meeting is going to take place in April 24th.

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In summer, from July 30th till August 3rd there is going to be a conference OST’12: Open and Social Technologies for Networked Learning in the premises of Tallinn University. It is sponsored by IFIP Working Group 3.4 (Professional Education) and is jointly organized by Tallinn University (Estonia) and University of Tampere (Finland). The deadline for paper submissions is 12th of March 2012.

One day before the actual conference we are also organising a Doctoral Consortium for PhD students. The intention of this Doctoral Consortium is to promote the development of a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research in addition to supporting and inspiring PhD students during their ongoing research effort. The last option to submit a paper for the Doctoral Consortium is March 22nd, 2012.

Btw, it is definitely the best time of the year to visit Tallinn and enjoy an organised trip to some of the beautiful places in Estonia. Welcome to Estonia!

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I have planned a few conference trips in 2011 and I was encouraged to check out conferences I have never been to so far.

1. 20-22.06 2011 NBE2011 – The Social Media in the Middle of Nowhere is going to take place in Salla, Lapland, Finland. The conference is organised by University of Lapland, Faculty of Education, Centre for Media Pedagogy. I am a co-author of three papers:

1. Väljataga, T., Põldoja, H. & Laanpere, M. (2011). Open Online Courses: Responding to Design Challenges.
2. Väljataga, T. & Fiedler, S. (2011). Interventions in higher education: re-interpreting the concept of learner control
3. Sillaots, M. Väljataga, T. & Laanpere, M. (2011). Using bookmarks and tags for creating students’ personal learning and knowledge space.

2. 6-8.07 2011 iCALT2011 – Educational Technology Forecast: Cloudy with a Slight Chance of Gain is going to take place in Athens, Georgia, USA. This is the 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. I am involved with the two following papers:

1. Fiedler, S. & Väljataga, T. (2011). Expanding the concept of learner control in higher education: consequences for intervention design. (main conference)
2. Väljataga, T., Tammets, K. & Põldoja, H. (2011). Competence development of pre-service teachers with the support of LeContract. (workshop: Self-Regulated Learning in Responsive Open Learning Environments).

3. 13-16.09 2011 ECER2011 – Urban Education. The European Conference on Educational Research 2011 is going to take place in Berlin, Germany. I am a co-author of two papers, which are going to be presented in the 6th network – Open Learning: Media, Environments and Cultures. The titles of the papers are the following:

1. Väljataga, T. & Põldoja, H. (2011). Enhancing community gravity in open online courses.
2. Väljataga, T. & Fiedler, S. (2011). Personal Learning Contracts for modeling one’s personal learning environment.

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I don’t know why, but it seems that many interesting conferences and events in my field happen in Barcelona. Don’t get me wrong, Barcelona is a very nice city and I would always go back.

Next event I am interested in is called Barcelona Conference – Self-regulated Learning in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments: Challenges and Promises, October 1st, 2010. Currently this topic belongs to one of my main interests and has a very close connection to my PhD dissertation. If I could only solve my travel grant problem…

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