Terje's musings on educational research

HITSA Innovation Centre conference

Last week I had an opportunity to visit a local educational conference and this year’s theme was “Turning point in education”.  Although Tallinn University’s session started only at 17:00 in the afternoon we got a considerable number of participants. I started with the Learnmix project and re-conceptualisation of  e-textbooks, Dr. Kairit Tammets continued with a presentation about teacher-training and internship supported by a specific web-based environment eDidaktikum and Piret Lehiste introduced an additional training module for teachers what she calls a Smart Teacher (Nutiõpetaja). The goal of the training program is to provide educational technology related knowledge and skills for in-service teachers.

I have to admit that I got the impression that our ideas are a bit too radical and far away from an average teacher and conference visitor, however, this was our chance to introduce new ideas, show different ways and bring international research on educational technology closer to an Estonian audience.