Terje's musings on educational research

Learnmix project starts

Recently I have spent quite some time on various project proposals. One of our proposals finally got a positive feedback. This project is called LEARNMIX. It is about re-conceptualization of the e-textbook as aggregations of both professionally developed and user-contributed content accessible through a wide range of devices. To make it short, our aim is to develop an empirically sound e-textbook concept in the context of schools by bringing together ubiquitous user interface design and pedagogical models. Our approach starts with criticising current interpretations of e-textbook as a simple replication of printed textbooks. We aim at bringing teachers and students into the process of creating learning materials in addition to publishers. We should acknowledge that students themselves represent a resource that has been largely wasted and that can be brought into play through pervasive technology and ubiquitous computing (Scardamalia & Bereiter, 1991). They can construct and build knowledge by incorporating artifacts professionally developed (books, textbooks, handbooks, etc.) and presented by the authoritative others (teachers, facilitators, other people often unknown, etc), with their own artifacts, to build new knowledge. Technological developments allow everybody to remediate and remix content pieces to create new representations, relationships and expressions. Our first kick-off meeting is going to take place in April 24th.