Terje's musings on educational research

Admission of new master students

A few weeks ago we had scheduled interviews with new potential master students, who want to enroll in either “Educational technology” or Teacher of informatics, school ICT manager” programs. For the first program a portfolio and a motivation letter were required, for the latter one only a motivation letter was a basis for selecting new students in addition to the face-to-face interviews.

It came out that the “Educational technology” program was rather popular this year, from 20 applications only 12 students were accepted for the state-funded positions. The “Teacher of informatics, school ICT manager” program hasn’t been very popular for quite some years now, however, to my surprise we received 10 applications. The number of state-funded positions in this program is unlimited. So, if someone is still interested in this, we will open a new call for applications in August.

I was happy to see that also a slightly older generation has decided to come back to the university and study something new. I have to admit, that they gave me the impression of being more self-confident and aware of their wishes and visions of where they want to go than freshly graduated students.

Welcome to Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University!